Upcoming Seminars

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Date Pacific Time Title Presenter
12/5/20 12:00 PM

Quantum Fireworks

An explanation of how quantum mechanics has been indispensable in the workings of every pyrotechnic effect from the golden sparks of ancient Chinese gunpowder to the rainbow hues of the most modern colored flame. Guest panelists will be Barry Sturman and Bob Winokur.

Wes Smith
12/19/20 10:00 AM

Tiny Fireworks with a Massive Impact: How 1.4G Products Can Enhance Any Show

An exploration of the world of 1.4G Fireworks and their endless applications in the entertainment world. From consumer fireworks to special effect articles pyrotechnic items, this seminar will cover the vast and ever expanding variety of non-ATF regulated pyrotechnics. Topics to be covered: Classifications of 1.4G Fireworks and how they are regulated, Advantages of 1.4G Fireworks, Types of 1.4G products and effects, Uses of 1.4G fireworks in the display and entertainment arenas, Thinking outside the Box : Unique uses of 1.4G products, How and where to buy 1.4G Fireworks

Peter Rogoz, Daniel Haines
1/2/21 12:00 PM

Birth of the Blues

A history of the development of the color blue in fireworks will be presented, including limited formulae prior to the use of copper compounds and chlorates. Barry Sturman will present this seminar live from Melbourne Australia.

Barry Sturman
1/16/21 12:00 PM

What Kinds of Fuse Might You Use when You Use Fuse?

An overview of most every kind of fuse used in pyrotechnics and blasting. Bob will discuss the merits of each kind of fuse and it's applications.

Robert M. Winokur