Winter Blast: 2022 - Counting the Stars

February 16 — February 20, 2022

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Western Winter Blast

President’s Day Weekend, annually. Since 1990 it has been held in Lake Havasu City; right on the beautiful Colorado River in Arizona. Like a PGI convention, we have seminars, trade shows, class C and pyrotechnic supply vending, open Class C and Class B shooting, BBQ's, afterglow parties, and much more. If you have never been to a Winter Blast, you don't know what you’re missing. WWB is the premier pyrotechnic event of the Winter Time. Now more than ever, people come to the Winter Blast from across the globe, and with good reason. Not only is it an exciting event, but the weather is warm and the sun is shining... (most of the time). Pyro enthusiasts who live in freezing and snowing areas are finding a summer pyro haven in the wintertime at the Western Winter Blast.

Thank you to our gracious host city!

Winter Blast: 2022 - Counting the Stars

February 16 — February 20, 2022
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

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Past Events


Like many other things in our lives, COVID-19 forced some major changes to our plans. One of those changes was taking Winter Blast online, transforming it into a virtual event during our regular Winter Blast weekend in February 2021.

The event is now over, but the Virtual Winter Blast website lives on as an ongoing thank you to our sponsors. We also still have a limited supply of merchandise from past events available for purchase. Please visit it here and show your appreciation to our sponsors.

A Message from the WPA Board of Directors

The WPA's Virtual Winter Blast was a big success, and Lifting Spirits with Pyro described the event perfectly. Thank you to everybody who worked, sponsored or presented at the event, for giving pyros a reason to show up.

We are happy we were able to provide pyro, fun, education and a gathering spot for pyros who miss the smell of smoke. It wasn't what we are accustomed to, but it was still a good time. We expect to see many of you later this year at Do It or next year at WWB. If you aren't a member, and want to stay in touch with the WPA check the WPA Facebook Page. We also have a mailing list for members only.

Special thank you to the following folks:

  • The VWB Team - they created a new and unique event in only 11 weeks. On time and under budget.
  • The VWB Tech team. You never saw them, but they made a new website, managed webinars and were the invisible force in the background making things possible.
  • The Sponsors - 2020 was a hard year for pyro companies, but we had great support from our community. Be sure to visit the sponsorship page [link] to see the entire list.
  • Seminar presenters - in some ways, a virtual event has advantages over in-person events. We were able to get presenters who aren't able to attend WWB. The seminars were recorded and we're starting a collection of videos that our members can watch at home. Imagine going to a WWB seminar any time you like. You'll need to be a member to see the videos. You can go to our Membership Page if you are interested in joining.

The WPA Board of Directors

Do It

Do It is a spin-off of an event first held in 1998 across the river at the Avi Casino and Resort in Laughlin, NV; then called Pow Wow. Organized by WPA member and former VP of the club, Greg Boyd, this event came from the need to have a second event during the year and geared more towards the hobbyist. While in 1998 there were few participants, this event has grown in popularity and attendance each year and now boasts attendance in the triple digits. This event is geared towards those who like to develop and create pyrotechnic items.

If you haven't been to Do It, there's a few things you should know.

  • Do It is a manufacturing focused event. Build all day, shoot all night! There's no seminars, limited vending, and no public displays. But you can build all day and shoot all night (well, until 11:00pm).
  • B product, BP and chems are available by pre-order only. C product is available on site. All product must be shot on site.
  • The host hotel/casino/restaurant/bar is a mile from the shoot site and is usually $50-$60/night.
  • Afterglow isn't in a poorly lit, stuffy conference room. It's in a dirt parking lot, on site, with a bonfire and lawnchairs.
  • Dry camping is on site, and free!

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